My doll is a wonderful companion when traveling, when looking for new subjects for photos, it is convenient to take her on the road as she does not take up much space.


My doll is one of the best ways to tell your loved one how much you appreciate him - just give a custom-made doll in a single copy especially for him!


It is a convenient size, allowing you to take it with you when moving.
When you leave your home, you want to take at least something familiar, something that will support, warm you with warmth and give hope, something that will first give you a feeling of home, and over time will become part of your new home.


And this is also a good gift for yourself; it will complement the collection of family heirlooms or mark the beginning of it and become a unique thing that is passed on from generation to generation.


It inspires you to create beautiful layouts, develops your creativity and gives you new ideas.


My dolls are not toys, I don't create them for children, they are for adults. Although sometimes they order from me as a gift for a child, I always warn that this is not a toy and my dolls live well in families where children grow up surrounded by beautiful things from childhood and understand the value and uniqueness of manual labor.


It creates a unique atmosphere of creative comfort in your home.

And this is also an original work, which is just very nice to have :)


Wooden dolls are made in a single copy.

Completely hand painted


Price from €100

Delivery included in the price.

paypal payment

Height 18-21cm/7-8inches, thickness 6mm/0.5inch.


For all dolls, I put my author's postcard as a gift :)

Photo for example only!
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